Steve Welty is a San Diego based indie folk rock singer-songwriter.  Welty’s music carries a soulful, intimate delivery, all while exploring the connections between us and finding inspiration in impacting others.

The artist began playing music seriously in 2000 with his band Carbine while attending San Diego State University. After recording an album, the band parted ways and Welty pursued a solo career, releasing his debut album Crashing Hard in 2011 and performing at various venues in San Diego. After taking a break from music for a few years, he began re-exploring his artistry in 2018 and released his first EP 26black, a showcase of his matured sound and eclectic textures, integrating folk rock along with acoustic ballads and hints of reggae. In late 2018, he followed up with his Fly With Me EP, an upbeat soft rock release.

“My purpose in life is to create. I'm passionate about inspiring others to find their purpose.”

Music is a platform for the artist as an ongoing quest towards personal improvement and spiritual growth. His investments in creating music are not only rewarding to himself as a creative process, but also as a tool towards enriching and inspiring others.